CEMAFROID certification

In France, isothermal insulation is certified by Cemafroid, the French expert of cold chain, which performs tests to determine the K coefficient, the thermal transmission coefficient of the cell: 

Normal Insulation:

K coefficient > 0.40 and < 0.70. Mainly used for the transport of refrigerated products (Class A).

Reinforced Insulation:

K coefficient < 0.40 W. Mainly used for the transport of frozen and deep-frozen products (Class C).


ATP compliance

All vehicles transporting perishable foodstuffs must have been granted the ATP technical compliance certificate issued by Cemafroid.
Upon delivery of the vehicle and upon receipt of a copy of the vehicle registration document, TRIMAT issues an ATP certificate to the customer. 

To renew the validity of the certificate, the vehicle must undergo a performance evaluation at an approved Test Center after the sixth year and then again at the ninth year. Unless a waiver is granted, an isothermal refrigerated cell expires at the end of its twelfth year.

See the complete text of the ATP regulation


The right temperature for each product

Classification standards